putting on coffee festivals is fun, but empowering our community is even better. 

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many coffee professionals dream about the opportunity to compete in the u.s. barista championships, But competing in coffee competitions can be incredibly cost-prohibitive: an individual may spend upwards of $3,000 just on their competition smallwares, tools and ingredients alone. factoring in the cost of coaching, travel, lodging, research and development...

the price of coffee competitions can be astronomical!

These expenses often mean that competition opportunities are virtually nonexistent for individuals who aren't sponsored or have a pool of personal wealth they can utilize. this tends to narrow the diversity of our competitors- creating situations where coffee competitions can reflect more about who is privileged enough to afford the costs of competing than who is actually worthy of holding the title of “barista champion”.

we want the pour coffee festival to help break down competition barriers for our community.

Glitter Cat Barista Bootcamp is an all-expenses paid coffee competition training program focused on providing coaching to members of marginalized communities (LGBTQ+, women, gender non-conforming, racial/ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities) for the U.s. Coffee Championships to increase representation and diversity on the national and international coffee competition stages. this program fully sponsors trainees- including travel, room, board, training, and competition materials- and utilizes seasoned and successful leaders in the coffee community to train and inspire new competitors.

we are proud to sponsor the glitter cat barista bootcamp,

with a portion of all ticket sales going towards this inspiring program.

photos courtesy of glitter cat barista bootcamp