frequently asked questions


when & where is this festival happening?

the 2019 pour coffee festival will be held at Lenny Boy brewing on sunday, march 10th from 10am - 3pm. Lenny Boy brewing is located at 3000 s. tryon street in charlotte, North Carolina. click here to see the address on google maps.

where can i park my car?

heads up: parking is extremely limited.

we encourage attendees to use the lynx light rail system (Lenny Boy brewing is located a short, six-minute walk from the new bern station stop), or to utilize a rideshare app such as uber or lyft to get to the festival. if the Lenny Boy parking lot is full, there is limited street parking surrounding the venue.

do i have to be a coffee professional to attend pour?

heck no! the heartbeat of the pour coffee festival is accessibility: everyone is welcome, regardless of their coffee education level. there will be activities and attractions at pour that will pique the interests of coffee pros and novices alike. come through, y’all!

what’s the difference between the tickets?

if you purchase a 10 am entry ticket, you’ll be granted access to the festival right when we start at 10am. this means you’ll be able to spend your entire day tasting coffees, sitting in on lectures, and getting geeky with our vendors to your heart’s content.

if you purchase a 12 pm entry ticket, you’ll only be granted entry to the festival starting at 12pm. this means that you can attend lectures and workshops scheduled after noon, and can browse the festival floor to meet vendors and taste their coffees after noon only.

if you purchase a 1 pm entry ticket, you can only access the festival from 1pm-3pm. you’ll be able to sip & savor the coffees from our vendors during this time, and attend any remaining lectures and workshops scheduled during that time frame.

note: this is a big event, and it’s possible that some of our vendors could sell out of coffee and merchandise before the scheduled end of the festival. if you’ve got your heart set on meeting specific folks or tasting specific coffees, we encourage purchasing earlier-entry tickets.

click here to purchase tickets.

i purchased tickets and noticed that there aren’t any ticket printing options- what gives?

we are working very hard to make the pour coffee festival as close to a zero-waste event as possible. we will be checking in attendees by first and last name, so as long as you know what name is on your ticket (which would be the name you used to purchase the tickets) you should be good to go!

if you need help transferring your tickets to someone else’s name, ticketleap has a handy tutorial here that shows you how to do that!

will you be selling tickets at the door?

if we sell out of tickets, we will not be selling tickets at the door. no exceptions, sorry!

we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter- which you can do by scrolling to the bottom of this page and filling out the form below- for information on upcoming events and fun things happening before and after pour.

where can i review the schedule of events?

we’ve got a lot of fun things planned for both before and during the festival.

click here to peep our schedule of events to stay in-the-know.

tickets are required for any children between the ages of 10 to 100. if your child is under the age of ten, they’ll be allowed access to pour free-of-charge.

can kids get in for free?

i’m a coffee roaster/cafe/
barista and i want to get involved with this year’s event.

huzzah! we love to hear that!

please visit the “participate” tab and fill out one of our forms to communicate this interest to us directly. a pour coffee festival representative will be in touch with you soon.

where can i follow you on social media?

click the links below to catch us on:



can i bring my dog to this event?

while we love seeing (and petting!) your furry family members, we can’t allow any non-service animals into the venue due to the mecklenburg county health code. thank you for understanding!

Are strollers allowed at this event?

Yes, they are!